Energy Efficiency in Newly Built Homes

With the winter months approaching, and some areas of the country will get cold pretty soon, heating costs will be on people’s minds.  They can potentially save thousands of dollars each year with a better energy efficient home.

Newly built homes have many amenities such as access to jogging, hiking and bike trails, sports complexes and aquatic centers. Builders and developers are also giving more attention to green lifestyles and energy efficiency.

Almost half of the energy you use in your home goes to heating and cooling.  Newly built homes take this into consideration and have come up with ways to battle the loss of energy and help keep money in your pocket.

Here is a list of how they do it:

  • High Performance windows- improved frames and protective coatings keep the heat in during winter and heat out during summer.
  • Insulation- Quality insulation as well as special attention during installation makes a huge difference in energy use.
  • Air Sealing- Comprehensive air sealing helps reduce maintenance costs and lower monthly utility bills.
  • Use of recycled materials as well as the latest energy efficient building materials currently available.
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Water management systems to lower water heater costs.

Newly built homes offer these energy efficient options, which will greatly reduce maintenance, and utility costs.  Giving you some peace of mind going into the cold winter months.