How I-11 it will change Home Prices and House Values

Many people are unaware that there has been approval for the new Interstate 11 project that will be a major throw fair from Mexico to Canada.  The I-11 corridor is more than a proposed freeway linking Phoenix and Las Vegas. It has the potential to redefine transportation and commerce in the western United States and bring thousands of jobs to the West Valley in the coming years.

Can you imagine the hotels, motels, gas stations, rest stops, campgrounds, new homes, resale homes, rental homes, stores and countless other business that will need to be built over the coming years.

Until now the Phoenix metropolitan area has been effectively isolated from the rest of the United States with only one multi-state route, whereas communities like Atlanta, St. Louis and Kansas City were linked by no fewer than three.

So what is the potential benefits of Interstate 11 to Buckeye, Tonopah, Surprise and the rest of the Phoenix home prices and house values?  New homes will have to be built, jobs created and an influx of new home owners which could be very good for the local housing economy and effectively position ourselves in a global economy.

I-11 connection will be a pathway between major metropolitan areas, trade hubs and deep-water ports, it will place Arizona and Nevada at the crossroads of emerging transcontinental commerce, trade and tourism routes between Mexico and Canada, and across the United States.

I-11 will provide an alternative freight corridor to congested north-south highway corridors such as I-5 and I-15. It will provide infrastructure needed for the manufacture of goods within North America instead of Southeast Asia. And it will create $1 billion in infrastructure equal to 30,000 jobs.

Connecting this important north-south corridor through the growing Intermountain West states like Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon and Washington is a critical opportunity for Arizona to capitalize on this investment.

So what does this mean for common folks like you and I?  This is a potential source for individuals to grow their wealth through land investment, entrepreneurial endeavors and the jobs that will be created!

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