Is your water bill higher than you think it should be? Detecting A Water Leak In Your Home is easy if you follow these step by step instructions.

First thing you should do is tell everyone in the house hold not to use any water.  This means no bathroom breaks for a few moments, no showers and don’t decided to clean any veggies for dinner.  If you are not using water your meter should be still.

Now that your not using any water we can talk about the meter.  For an analog meter (the meter with a hand like a clock) when the sweep hand passes from one number to the next that means that one gallon (or one cubic foot) of water has passed through the meter.

Now you can start your test:

  1. For Analog Display Meters, the first thing you can do is simply observe the sweep hand.  If it’s moving, you have a continuous leak.
  2. Most analog displays will have a “low flow” indicator that looks like a triangle and turns.  If the low flow indicator is moving and there is no usage in the house than you have a continuous leak.
  3. Some leaks are so small that the movement is almost undetectable.

To determine if you have a slow leak:

  1. Read your water meter and Record the numbers in the boxes.  Use the number indicated by the sweep arm a the final digit.
  2. Wait 20 minuets then read your water meter again and record the numbers in the boxes.
  3. Subtract the first water meter reading from the second.
  4. If Gallons Used is greater than zero you have continuous leak.

Good Luck and if you find that you have a leak than start looking for that leak!