8 Steps To Selling My house

Define Your Needs

Do you need to find a home to move to?  Do you need to downsize are you selling an investment property? Do you need to move for business?  Do you have Leans effecting your bottom line? Is this a potential Short Sale?  Is your credit clean enough to purchase your next home?

Name Your Price

Once you have defined your needs, how do those needs effect the price you want to sell your home for?  How does what you want to sell your home for fit into the current real estate market in your neighborhood?

Prepare Your Home

What is the over all condition of your home and how will it effect the value?  For many home sellers who have kept up the maintenance of their home there is still some work that needs to be done. Staging your home in a way that allows a buyer to see their family photo’s hanging on the wall and their children playing in the back yard is also important.

Get The Word Out

Finding a Realtor® that has a step up on Marketing and Advertising is key.  The Fry team not only will market your home locally, nationally and world wide to insure that your home for sale will get the maximum exposure needed to get you the best deal possible.

Receive An Offer

Not all offers are created equal.  In fact, a good buyers agent will be able to structure a contract in such a way that could cost a seller thousands of dollars if your listing agent isn’t careful.

Negotiate To Sell

The Fry teams experience in sales and negotiation helps to get the best deal for each of the Fry team listings.  Creating a Win/Win situation for our selling clients as well as the customer purchasing your home leading to a smooth transition for you from home to home.

Prepare To Close

The final step in your home sale is getting any repairs done that you may have agreed to do, getting  yourself ready to move and letting your Realtor® help you to the finish line.